19 October 2015

Testing Silvers

If there's one thing that makes me a skeptic shopper it's buying jewellery. Especially when it comes to summer and I'm at the beach 98% of the weekend I don't really want to spend the remaining 2% of my time taking off various necklaces/bangles/earrings/rings when I could be eating instead.

So whenever I get new jewellery it has to pass my underwater test. A no brainer really, it basically involves me wearing a piece like it's a part of my body for a week. That means in the shower and at the beach and to bed. 24/7.

The past two weeks I've been lucky enough to be testing silvers for The Peach Box. And this bangle has been attached to my left wrist for a good couple of weeks and shows no signs that it's going to corrode/turn green/stain my hands. In fact I don't think it's even scratched.

If you want proof you can follow me on Instagram, PM me and I will send you a real time snap of the bangle on my wrist. Do it here and now before I take it off. ;-)