31 March 2015

I don' t know what to make of it

Photos by Michael


It all kind of goes by in a flash before you realise that you've been holding your breath for the entire time. Then you realise that it doesn't really matter and you should've learnt to live in the moment. 

I hate knowing that all things come to an end but I've slowly taught myself to soak in the present, filling my memory banks with as much sunshine and laughter as it can possibly contain. 

This past summer I spent most of my days up in the Central Coast learning to be a child again. In doing so I discovered my best friend was also the one who holds my hand when we cross the road, who never fails to make me laugh again when I cry in sappy movies and cooks me banana pancakes in the morning. It's also fairly convenient that he lives in the Central Coast so the last couple of months I've been exploring the area as a half tourist half local. 

This particular hang is Norah Head (1.5hr from Sydney) where we would spend the days walking along the beach watching surfers catch waves, then pick our way through the rocks to sit at the edge of the cliffs overlooking the vast blue sea imagining how different our lives could've been and how it will all play out. 


24 February 2015

Hazy summer days

Photos by Michael 


In five days we mark the start of Autumn and I'm left wondering how Summer always manages to fly by in a blink of an eye. I never seem to have collected enough sand in my hair or at the bottom of my bags or in absolutely every crevice of my phone. 

Already I'm eyeing the weather forecasts to make sure the predicted thunderstorms don't hit during the shoot I've booked for tomorrow and it feels like I've wasted three months frolicking in the sunshine and burying my toes in the sand.

I lie, I regret nothing.

Honestly this summer has been one of the best I've had in a long time (as indicated by actual teeth in photos) and I have so many photos of road trips, beach days, the surf and cafe adventures to go through...

Summer I miss you!