18 May 2015

An Abundance Of Summer.

Mink Pink TopSeed Pants, Midas Shoes, Lack of Color Hat, Vintage Bag, Sportsgirl Necklace

Photos by Michael

There are things in life I've learnt that cannot be controlled. The changing of the seasons for one, try as I might I could not make the summer stay. At first I grieved to think that I was losing something that to me was once so precious and all consuming. And I was desperate to recapture it before it slip from my grasp forever. Because the thought of losing the warmth and its touch on my skin was unbearable agony. But slowly and surely it drifted away and because I had been so intent on holding on to the waning sun I wasn't even remotely prepared for the winter. The winter seemed to last for an eternity and the knowledge that spring was eventually bound to reappear became my mantra.

I woke up one day emerging from hibernation into the full throve of spring. Elated, I felt full of life once again. But the experience had left me with a profound wariness. I knew that spring was bound to be followed by a repeat of the seasons. Was there a perpetual cycle in play here that I could not escape? Was I stuck in some weird reality loop bound to repeat endlessly over and over? 

Well I still haven't figured out the secrets of the universe yet but I know this: the only constant all along was me. The seasons may change but as long as I don't lose myself I can't lose myself. Common sense perhaps but sometimes I think we all need a reminder.