3 September 2015

Head In the Clouds

We all piled into my car that day and made our way down the coast. Taking the A1 Princes Highway south out of Sydney (a route I've come to know so well) we took a left at Loftus into the Royal National Park and wove our way through the trees and the sea cliffs before finding ourselves standing at the very edge of it all. 

About an hours drive out of Sydney takes you to Bald Hill Lookout just off Otford Road. You can't miss it if you're coming from the north- as the winding road suddenly breaks free from the canopy of trees and you'll find yourself up high on the cliffs that look across the vast Tasman. The road wraps around the coast for a little bit and the turn off will be to your left. Keep an eye out for the ice cream truck which is parked there most days. 

This particular winters day was overcast and a touch humid. The clouds rolled in from the ocean and drifted daringly close above our heads as we sat overlooking Stanwell Park beach and across at the Sea Cliff Bridge. With our head in the clouds we drew lungfuls of salty air and talked about ridiculous things ranging from what on earth we were going to do with ourselves as art students to how one particular individual in the group had a penchant for eating dirt (not kidding).

As I recall the four of us were there to capture something for class and so we spent the rest of the day wandering along the cliffs in hope of finding a picture. Following Lawrence Hargrave Drive further south took us down to Coalcliff beach. In front of the scarp wall were a few local surfers out battling the swell. We picked our way past the creek and through the rocks to the tidal rock pool and stopped to dip our toes in the sea. 

Such a refreshing little trip out of Sydney, can't wait to go hunting again.