18 September 2015

Every Time Nostalgia

We drove up the coast last weekend to visit Michael's mum who was waiting with surprise Christmas presents. She definitely had the surprise element down pat considering its mid-September and we've only just brushed the snow off our beanies (literally). So with that being a highlight of the day we were also blessed with a beautiful day, so much so that it felt stupidly good to be back in the warmth as the weather picks up for Spring. 

The 1.5 hour drive was familiar in every sense. The entrance onto the Pacific Motorway (M1), the music playing via the AUX and the all too familiar tingle of sun across our bare limbs as the traffic gradually thinned out and the high rises that we've grown accustomed to gave away to lower lying lots. 

Seed Heritage Top, Zara Shorts, ASOS Boots, QUAY Sunnies

We spent pretty much our entire summer '14 up on the Central Coast so the closer we got the more we couldn't help but reminisce with "Remember when" sentences. This particular spot is Soldiers, one of the beaches we frequented over the summer. Just south of Norah Head Lighthouse the headlands are always a good spot to watch surfers and picnic on the grass. The stretch of beach is never overly congested with people which is always a welcomed change of pace from Sydney's beaches. Especially down the south end, tucked away from the headlands there is always a quiet spot that is perfect for yoga.  

I miss those days when we would jog down the beach and do sun salutations towards the blue horizon with only the sound of waves filling our ears. And I think I tend to get sad/nostalgic when I realise those moments have already passed and to try and relive them would only ever beget dissatisfaction. Surely I'm not the only one who feels this way? 

So I'm blessed that my other half is the yin to my yang on this one. He seems to be content/nostalgic, happy to wade in the memories and connect the events as ones that has lead us to where we are now. 

And I think that's a much better way to look at it. So every time nostalgia comes around I think I'll remind myself how lucky I am to have them.